Where Can I Find a Licensed Carpet Cleaning Company in Singapore?

All upholstery in a house - carpets, mattresses, sofa, curtains and covers, rugs - gather dirt and dust over the passage of time. They all need to be cleaned up thoroughly. Simple house vacuuming will not do the job. A house vacuuming will just do a superficial job, it will not clean up and remove stubborn stains or patches. A deep cleaning on regular basis in crucial.

Carpet Cleaning Company

It is at times like this you need to look for a professional carpet cleaning company. There will be hundreds of carpet cleaning companies in Singapore, but the question to ask is would you entrust your prized carpet, or your prized Oriental or Persian rug to any company from the Yellow pages? You have reached the right place - your one stop shop for all your cleaning requirements- Singapore Carpet-Cleaning Pte Ltd.

The following are the points to be considered when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

1) Certifications -
Do they have the necessary certifications for this industry? Do they have the Cleaning Business Licence issued by the Govt. of Singapore? Do they have the Enhanced Clean Mark Accreditation issued by the National Environment Agency of the Govt of Singapore? Are its technicians trained and certified by WSQ. Workforce Skills-Qualifications. These early questions will go a long way in making sure you are dealing with a qualified company.

2) Insurance -
Ask the company if they have insurance for their workforce and for the works they undertake. The technicians should be licenced and insured. It would be a disaster if you have to pay for any unforeseen accident at your house while they were undertaking the works. The accident could be to their workforce or to your upholstery, which might have to be replaced by the cleaner.

3) Credibility -
Look around, look online and ask for references for the company. Referrals are the best way to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Make sure it is not a fly by night operator. Ask for price. Remember the cheapest is not always the best and the price should never be the deciding factor.

4) Price Factor –
Ask what is included in the price. And while at it, be keen to ascertain that there are no hidden charges by the company. Also, inquire as to what are the methods they will use to clean. Some of these include deep cleaning, grooming, steam cleaning, drying et cetera.

5) Safety -
What are the chemicals they will use? Find out if there is anything toxic. Look out if there are any labels for "Caution" "Warning" and "Danger". And especially check if the company will be using Green-Label Chemicals?

Carpet Cleaning Company

6) Guarantee -
What is the warranty/guarantee on the work and for how long? As a general rule, insist on a company that offers a longer warranty period as this way, you can enjoy their cleaning services for much longer, ultimately getting your return on investment.

Singapore Carpet-Cleaning Pte Ltd offers an all-inclusive cleaning service that takes care of .

a) Removal of stubborn stains on your carpets -
We have been in this business for a long time now and do know the business of carpet cleaning thoroughly. We know the types of carpets used in Singapore and are thus better prepared and acquainted with the cleaning methods to be used. We use vacuum cleaning to remove dirt and grime from the carpets. High-speed fans are used to dry all the washed, steamed and cleaned upholstery, quickly so they can be replaced in respective positions, at the earliest.

b) Restoring the threadbare sections of the worn carpet –
These are often caused and more noticeable in the heavy traffic areas of the house. Some sections of the house are more heavy traffic than the rest of the house. We, restore pile damage at the high traffic areas of the house e.g. hallways and kitchens. We use a steam extractor and green label chemicals to clean, sanitize and de-odorize the carpets, giving them a new look with a good fragrance.

c) Cleaning of your mattresses –
This we do in a bid to get rid of dust mites as well as bed bugs and bacteria. Not only are these harmful to humans and pets but also give out a bad odour. This is cleaned by various methods to ensure a safe and pleasant smelling environment.

d) Cleaning your full or half curtains -
We know that curtains do give that special look to the hall or the bedroom. And also keep harmful UV rays out of the area. Hence we do steam cleaning to restore the lustre of the curtain and to replace it back at the earliest.

e) Cleaning your sofas and covers by going into hard to reach places -
The sofas are the place where the household sits and snacks together and thus there are food particles in hard to reach corners. Also due to constant sitting in particular areas, there are indentations which we rectify to give y our sofas a "as good as new look". By taking care of your sofa we prolong the life of the sofa considerably. We use a suction hose to get the dirt and bits and pieces of various snacks that have fallen in-between the cushions. f) Rug cleaning - This is done by a home pickup and delivery method. We know that a rug is not a carpet and thus we treat it accordingly. We provide a home pickup and delivery service. Cleaning of a rug requires a special process which cannot be done in a home environment and thus we clean it in our facility. When it is returned, your Persian or Oriental rug is as good as new.

Carpet Cleaning Company

Singapore Carpet-Cleaning Pte Ltd is the best-rated cleaning company in Singapore catering to all sorts of homes, offices, schools, hotels, cinemas, hospitals and banks in Singapore.

Our satisfied clients include ;

• ICICI Bank,
• Korean Air,
• Delta Airlines,
• Tripadvisor,
• Hyundai Corporation,
• BBC News,
• Hong Leong-Finance and many more.

You can see that our service is utilised by some of the top niche companies in Singapore. This clearly proves that we are indeed one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Singapore.

Singapore Carpet-Cleaning Pte Ltd can undertake one-time cleaning job or also do monthly or annual contracts where we come to the site on a monthly or once every three months basis and do a complete cleaning job. In this way not only is the cost reduced but the life of the carpets and upholstery increased considerably.

Say goodbye to dirty and smelly carpets. Call us. We can be at your doorstep immediately. Our professional and courteous staff will provide you with 100% satisfaction. That is our guarantee.

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