What Are the Jobs of An Electrician

Electricians are the ones who are responsible to maintain and install electrical power, lighting, business, and even factories. They also take care of the fact that work happens in accordance with the codes that follow them.

Electrican Jobscope

Mainly electricians prefer working alone. But it happens so that they collaborate with their other electricians. For instance, the engineers who have experience can join hands with building engineers as well as architects to contribute to maintain and design various electrical systems available for construction.

Sometimes, the electricians also end up consulting with other specialists like the ones who are elevator installers or conditioning workers. They, together, work to install the power systems in a specific area or zone. However, in big companies, these electricians work as a part of a crew. They have the authority to direct helpers or anyone that seems suitable for the job to finish tasks.

Types of Electricians

Basically, there are different types of electricians.

Inside Electricians –
They look after big motors and equipment in different factories. They make sure through their knowledge that all the processes are carried off in a simplified manner. Some of them also look after the wiring and install them in any way possible. Sometimes, they also opt for scheduled maintenance.

Residential Electricians –
They take care of installing wires and troubleshooting the issues happening in respective houses. Everyone in their zone has their specific roles to play. For example: if a circuit breaker continues to trip even after it has been reset, the electricians look for the reason and fix it permanently.

Qualities for an Electrician

There are tons of jobscopes in the electrician field. However, there are some basic necessities and qualities that an electrician must possess.

Colour Vision
: An electrician must know the trick to identify the electrical wires by colour.

Communication Skills:
An electrician has to work and interact with people regularly. Hence, it is important for them to have a friendly nature and the capability to answer the questions of the consumers.

Physical Strength:
An electrician has to be well-built so as to carry and move around with heavy components. Sometimes, the weights can be as heavy as 50 pounds.

Physical Stamina:
Stamina for an electrician is very important because they have to move around for the whole day running errands.

Skills of Troubleshooting:
An electrician must be able to diagnose and fix problems. He should know the tricks on how to manage a specific failure.

Electrican Jobscope

Jobs of an Electrician

An electrician has to spend all his day running and fixing failures. However, there are several job duties of an electrician. They are:

- Assembling, maintaining, and installing different electric wires and equipment. Fixing appliances and apparatus using either a hand or a power tool.

- An electrician has to thoroughly go through a blueprint or any sort of technical diagram to understand the point of failures.

- He must know how to diagnose the systems that have been malfunctioned. He should have an idea about the breakdown and should know how to fix it.

- An electrician must know how to make wire connection with circuit breakers and transformers.

- Inspecting different electrical system and other different equipment to find out about the various hazards and defects.

- He should understand and know the basic ways to manage and advise the management about the operations to continue forward with.

- An electrician should how to maintain his license or identification to meet all the government requirements.

- An electrician should know the basic way to plan the layout and install the wiring depending on the specifications of the job.

- He must know the ways to train workers and direct them upon doing the right set of fixing.

- Use of different tools like power equipment, measurement device, and test various other equipment.

- An electrician must know the different ways to perform his management duties like looking and maintaining the records and files.

- An electrician should have an idea of how to switch wiring equipment with different types of hand and power tools.

- He should have a broad idea of how to use different testing devices to find out about the various electrical issues.

- Should also know how to install ground leads and make power cable connection with different types of motors.

- He must have an idea on how to effectively use ladders and roofs for maintaining and repairing the electric equipment that causes trouble.

- Use of hand tools for the construction and fabrication of various parts and equipment.

- Should know how to tackle and perform tasks that demands physical strength like digging or to lay conduit. Along with that, he should have the physical strength to carry heavy weight.

- Should have an idea of how the cost estimates work for different material, products, and services.

Electrican Jobscope

These are the basic jobs on an electrician that he must know of. It is very important for an electrician to know his job well and commit fully to it in order to work in a proper working environment.

Work Environment

In the year 2012, an electrician held over 583,500 jobs. Out of this, a total of 61% had an employment as electrical contractors. The other 9% were self-employed.

Electricians work outdoors as well as indoors. They have no fixed place. They can run to homes, factories, and even construction sites to get the job done. It is the job of an electrician to travel and go to different work locations.

Spending their time constantly standing or kneeling often turns out to be a tiresome job. Any which way, that is one of the job roles that they have to stay true to. On the other side, the electricians who spend their time in factories have to stay open to noisy machines. This is why they are provided with protection and hearing aid to keep themselves away from the excess noise.

Working Schedule

Being an electrician is a full-time commitment and failing to do is unless urgent can’t turn up as an excuse. They don’t even get a holiday during weekends.

Depending on the inclement weather, their schedule is likely to shift a little here and there. However, the self-employed electricians have an upper hand in this case and can work according to their preferences and can locate themselves specifically at residential locations.


As easy as it might sound, but being an electrician is truly a devoting work to opt for. Hence, if you are looking up to take it a career option, make sure you do your research well and know the basics about the job.

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