Pros and Cons of Being a Electrician

After graduating from high school, working as an electrician is a career that most people consider. With this career, you get to enjoy several advantages that you cannot get from other jobs. You not only make a decent wage but also get to work with your hands. When it comes to professional electricians, there are two major types: electrical technicians and electrician engineers. While one can be a skilled electrician with a license, the other one is just a technician


A fully fledged electrical engineer might find themselves doing jobs such as assembling, designing, testing, and installing the systems. Whether you are dealing with appliances, DC circuits, or facilities it’s a very engaging job which has a variety of options. Electrical workers are, therefore, employed in various sectors including industrial and commercial sectors or just working as commercial trades’ people. Whether you are at the apprenticeship level or technician, being an electrician may just be the thing to power your future.

Here is how to become an electrical engineer in Singapore

If you want to become an electrical engineer in Singapore then having a license can enable you to perform the following tasks.

· You will be in charge and responsible for maintenance, installation, inspecting, repairing and operation of any electrical project.

· You will be responsible for operating a wide range of electrical voltage of up to 230000 voltages depending on the needs of a specific installation or as advised by a licensed electrical engineer.

Qualification for being a licensed electrical engineer or technician

· The candidate should be a registered engineer.
· The candidate should have more than 2 years experience of working as an engineer in similar projects in Singapore.
· He should have paid the fee required to get a license as an electrical engineer.
· An electrical technician should have passed diploma required for becoming a technician.
· He should have at least 2 years of working experience as a technician at the relevant electrical office.

Services offered by a professional electrician in Singapore

· A professional electrician can provide a range of services in Singapore. Whether he is a technician or electrical engineer he should specialize in jobs such as repairing and installing electrical equipment at different levels based on his qualifications. He should also be able to provide consultation without charging any fee and be able to repair and resolve any electrical problems round the clock.

· A professional electrician specializes in providing emergency as well as general services in both the residential and commercial buildings.


Services offered

· Residential services-
He should be able to repair, install, and balance ceiling fans, wall fans, and uncontrollable speed. He should also be able to repair and install wire system, lighting system, and oven and also maintain and repair any electrical equipment in the house.

· Emergency services
- He should be able to provide any emergency service at the site round the clock in case there is a failure or a tripping. He should also resolve the problems at the time of circuit breaker, short circuit, and tripping of the system. A professional should offer guaranteed and reliable services for 30 days free and provide you with the money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with his services.

Pros and cons of becoming an electrician


· You can start as an apprentice before going to college-
While many professions require you to attend training or go to school, most electricians learn through apprenticeship. This means you earn some money while training under a qualified electrician who will guide you through what the job entails. You can always do this in as little as two years. However, to become a real electrician, you may still need to take some tests.

· Electricians are very important-
Apart from homes, offices, and factories in the whole country depends on electricity. This means you are going to be in the market from time to time. Apart from normal repair and installations, there are a wide variety of jobs that electricians can perform. In addition to working in some apartment complexes, power companies, and stadiums, other companies may employ their won electricians.

· You can make good money-
Although electricians do not make as much money as doctors, you can still make good money and live decently. Depending on what field you want to join and how much experience you have, you can earn even up to $90000 a year that can make a very big difference in your life.

· The working condition is good-
As an electrician, you can always work on your schedule. Since many electricians are self-employed they only take the work that the like. You are not stuck inside the whole day or working in a cramped office. Many times you work inside customers’ premises or construction sites. Since the conditions are tolerable, you will have a different working environment.

· You will have consistent work-
As a qualified electrician, you will never experience a shortage of jobs. Even when the economy is bad, people will still need electricity. If you are willing to move around you will definitely find some work.



You may work odd hours-
As compared to other jobs, being an electrician is not an eight to five job. As a company worker, you may be required to go out in the middle of the night. This can mean doing a lot of unplanned traveling and spending less time with your family.

It involves hard work-
If you are going to train as an electrician you must be prepared for strenuous jobs. From crawling to climbing to lifting, the kind of jobs that you’ll be doing is hard. Remember, when you are 60 years old you may not be able to do some jobs.

The job can be dangerous-
Being an electrician is full of dangers. Apart from the normal burns, cuts, and scrapes, electricity can be very dangerous. It’s possible that you could be electrocuted leave alone the dangers that might come as a result of working high. It’s, therefore, important to rely on your team and ensure that you are out of danger.

Wrap up

Overall, a qualified and licensed electrician can be able to help you solve many electrical issues that you cannot do alone. Sometimes you need a qualified electrician to handle issues at your business or business when you are sure that you cannot handle them. The good thing is that they have all the requirements for repairing circuits and other electrical appliances.

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