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Home wiring is one of the most common of electrical problems that every homeowner has to come across. This is not in reality a problem but an inescapable part of any home renovation and maintenance. Being an eminent part of your home, electrical equipments however small they might be and electrical wirings, however short they might be, must be a priority. This job should be handled as a pro in this field or if you are not sure what to do, get an electrician Singapore electrician, who takes care of every electrical problem in your home. Here are some tips from the best electricians in Singapore to help you out for small electrical wiring problems. These tips will help you to get handy with minute wiring problems and prevent any major damage out of a small misfit or mistake. Please note that bigger and more complicated problems in home electrical should not be touched and meddled with, without proper knowledge. In such case, calling an electrician would be a better help.


One of the common problems in electrical wiring is the circuit breaker and tripping. Most of the times a circuit breaker appears to be on, but it is tripped in reality. The problem arises when the breaker is tripped more often when it should not. When the circuit becomes unstable with a small change in load, the tripping problem is said to persist. Using GFIs and breakers in the circuit could help solving such problems. In addition, be careful about some other reasons of tripping. Sometimes it happens not because of any over load, but because of a loose connection in the breaker itself. A common difficulty in circuit is an outage on the circuit, which is not because of a GFI or a tripping. This happens mostly because of a loose connection or an open end in the wiring. One should be always careful about this common problem or consult an electrician Singapore electrician if the wring is complicated and large.

. In more than half of the circuit break or the tripping problem, it is not realized that the problem might exist because of a loose connection. Most of the times, it happens such that, the actual open end exist at the other part of the wiring, which is connected to the same circuit. Since a number of items are connected to the same wiring network, there is every possibility of an open end in any appliances or connection. For this, the equipment connected to the wiring system and the network must be completely analyzed beforehand. Professional electrician in Singapore can help in wiring and circuit problem in large networks. An open-ended connection in the wiring has more potential danger than just the tripping problem. One may get electrical shocks, one may be confused while wiring and the whole connection might be short circuit and so on.

. The main purpose of using a tripped circuit breaker is to protect the significant appliances of your home from short-circuits and other electrical problems. The size or rating of the circuit breaker to be used depends on the size or rating of the incorporated wires. When the power load exceeds the maximum limit of the circuit breaker, it trips down.


. In case of a electrical trip-down, analyze the problem that caused the trip. Fix the problem before moving ahead with the proceedings. Such an operation is mandatory as it prevents the breaker switch from tripping again. Mostly, tripping of the circuit breaker is accredited to a fault in the device to which it is connected.

. A tripped circuit breaker operates in three modes namely 'on', 'off' and 'tripped'. 'On' and 'off' positions are clearly mentioned on the circuit breaker. When the breaker faces an electrical trip then its lever stands at the middle of 'on' and 'off' position.

.Before turning on the breaker after a tripping situation, you need to reset it first. To reset it, you need to switch off the breaker only. Now, you can switch on the circuit breaker to restore the normal operation of the unit. If it trips down again then avail the services of an expert.

Tripping Problem

.Sometimes, a trip may not be identifiable as the handle of the breaker does not change its orientation at all. If you possess sound information about the working of each breaker controls then it may be easy for you to find out the culprit. Make sure that you have complete knowledge about the operation of each of these controls. You certainly would not like to waste your precious time in checking the breakers that are not operational.

. When you trace the culprit for the tripping of the circuit breaker then do not forget to inspect the load on its corresponding breaker. In case the load is beyond the maximum limit, reduce the load on that breaker. A circuit becomes overloaded when more than intended outlets are connected to it. Thus, when more current passes through such a circuit, the breaker prevents danger by tripping. The obvious solution is to reduce or remove few outlets. Sometimes loose connections can also result in tripping so check for these as well.

. Short circuit occurs when a hot wire touches another or comes in contact with a neutral wire. It has more serious implications and is difficult to diagnose as short circuits can occur in any wiring, or even in devices plugged into outlets. Check out for burnt or melted wires, burnt smell, torn insulation tapes, or discoloration to identify the source of the short circuit. Replacing the damaged wires and ensuring proper insulation will complete this electric repair activity.
When the problem appears beyond your apprehension, ask a licensed electrician to clean up the mess. Follow his technical skills and course of action to grab some healthy information about your breaker switch.

If you are not fully aware of the basics of electric circuits then do not try to fix the problem on your own. Electrical jobs always keep your life at risk. Most of the electric repair activities in a home are simple tasks, the crucial aspect is to understand the problem, identify the source, and perform the repair with caution.

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