Tips for Hiring a Qualified Electrician

Could you imagine the world without electricity? It's quite unlikely. Electric power is related to virtually all everyday actions, whether at home or in industry. Thinking about it, the electrician is fundamental to society, since he is responsible for installing, inspecting and ensuring the proper functioning of electrical appliances, electronics, and electricity distribution networks. However, it is common to see the qualified labor of the electrician being discarded in many situations, which can lead to serious problems.

Qualified Electrician

To value this very important profession, we have gathered 4 factors that prove that hiring a qualified electrician is indispensable in a job. Check it out:

Safety first

An electrical installation made or repaired by a qualified professional is a guarantee of safety. The quality of service and products used on site avoids problems that could put the lives of people at risk.

Fewer headaches

By hiring a qualified electrician, you avoid unnecessary future problems and still guarantee total satisfaction in the execution of the work.

Installations that follow technical standards

If the installations are not carried out in accordance with the technical standards, serious errors can be made, which may cause a short circuit and consequently a fire. A qualified professional has the knowledge to follow technical standards and avoid accidents.

Investment with return

Doing installations on your own or hiring unskilled labor can end up being expensive. Common mistakes can be made, such as incorrect cable sizing, use of poor quality equipment, poor insulation and grounding, excessive equipment overloading the network, etc. These errors can lead to accidents or even an unnecessary increase in energy bills. Hiring a qualified electrician is, therefore, an investment!

How to treat the supply of electric material

This is a very important point, after defining the need and hire the professional to indicate and follow the acquisition of the materials that you will implement in your residence (or office, etc ...) do not forget that the electrician knows - at least should - the best products regarding quality and safety.

You can contract the implementation of the service in a way that is provided only the labor or the labor and material but in this case, do not forget to ask all professionals to build the budget based on materials of the same line (quality) in order not to have very different values in the budget.

Qualified Electrician

Remember especially to ask the professional to separate in their budget the values of labor and material.

Other aspects that interfere in the activity of the electrician
It is common to deal with situations where there is a need for rework of masonry and/or structures and in these cases you may come across professionals who are electricians but do not perform masonry repairs, for example, remember that you are hiring an electrician and not a construction professional (bricklayer), so plan for possible interventions.

When should I hire an electrician? Advantages and disadvantages!

When it comes to carrying out work or maintenance in your home or property, many doubts arise and several of them are related to the economy. When the subject is electricity, the need to have a qualified professional is even more important, since any error related to this area can cause serious accidents.

So, when should I hire an electrician? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing the electrical service yourself? Can I install the shower or ceiling fan? Is it a problem to make a homemade extension cord or is it better to buy a ready-made one? All these doubts and tips related to safety you check now!

When to hire an electrician?

What is the importance of hiring a good electrician for the electrical work in your property?

When should I hire an electrician?

As was said, it is quite common to always look for the cheapest option, but this thought can lead you to serious consequences. People who think this way usually choose to do most of the work without having the necessary training. Be careful! You may be endangering your property and the people who go there.

So the answer to the first question is quite simple! You should hire an electrician every time there is work involving the electricity sector. But pay close attention, not all people who present themselves as electricians who are professionals, that is, there are many amateurs without training working in this area and performing services completely out of the rules.

It is very important that this chosen professional has good references and is trained in the area of service you need. This is one of the ways to seek a job with quality, avoiding unnecessary risks. We have already mentioned in another article here in the Electrical World how to choose a good electrician, if you want to know all the details, just make this additional reading.

Why hire an electrician?

Both you and the unqualified electrician can make the same basic mistakes in simple tasks such as installing a shower or a ceiling fan. Incorrect cable sizing, use of poor quality equipment, bad insulation and grounding, excessive equipment causing overloading in the network, all these are very common errors in the services performed by people without training.

Both in an extension of an electrical network and in the renovation of an already precarious one, one should think very well and avoid the use of used or spliced wires. Never improvise extensions, if you need an extension cord to connect a new appliance, buy a new one and check if the product was inspected by the responsible body.

Qualified Electrician

The cheap can be expensive!

Saving is important, but saving properly is fundamental! People need to understand that when it comes to electricity, quality and safety must be a priority. If you do not have theoretical knowledge and do not follow the regulatory standards, the chances of your work not being of quality are very high and in these cases, one of the catastrophic results that can occur is the short circuit and consequently cause a fire of great proportions. So don't think twice! Always count on a good electrician to carry out the electrical work in your home.

The specialists warn that besides looking for a good electrician, the contractor must advise and inspect the purchase of the necessary materials for the execution of the services. Always look for the appropriate materials for the activity that will be performed and choose the brands that have good references.

Never accept that the electrician makes any type of handlamp in this work. The handlamp may seem an advantageous and practical alternative at the moment, but in fact, it is a real time bomb. Ask whenever you think it is necessary, good dialogue is always the best way to narrow the trust between the electrician and the contractor.


As you may realize, your concern cannot be simply technical, security can be considered as the main reason why I write this article, focus on understanding what you need and knowing the professional you will hire, always remember and whenever professional good is that qualified and qualification involves everything from knowing how to do correctly until knowing how to do foreseeing safety.

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