How To Replace Faulty Parts That Cause Power Trip

There is no doubt that electricity today has become indispensable for each and every home. Whether it is for lighting purposes or for running various consumer durables in home like TV, refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and more, there is hardly any doubt that life would obviously come to a standstill without this very essential commodity if one would like to put it that way. However, there are quite a few things that should be taken into account when it comes to uninterrupted power supply. While there are some things which are not exactly under the control of end use customers, there are quite a few things which are quite within the grasp and control of the customers. Power tripping is one of the most common causes of erratic and disturbed supplies in electricity. While nothing much can be done when it happens at the power suppliers’ end, if it happens inside the home or within the housing complex or neighbourhood there are certainly quite a few things which an electrician perhaps can take care. However, here are few important points that must be taken into account when it comes to repairing such damaged electric supplies.

Power Trip

Identify The Cause Of The Problem

Whenever a power tripping happens it must have occurred because of mal-function of certain parts. Hence the first starting point is to identify the root of the problem without which it would be difficult to move forward. This will not only help in correcting the problem but also help to take preventive action so that it does not recur again. Further there also could be the need to replace some faulty parts. However, this can be done only when the main problems is analyzed.

There could be many natural causes which could lead to tripping of electricity. In fact research has proven that almost 80% of power outages in Singapore happen because of natural causes like storms, heavy gusts of wind, heavy rainfall, lightening and even dust. Though it is very difficult to prevent such natural mishaps, it can be predicted and necessary pre-emptive action can be taken. It is important to have the required spare parts like cables, wires, switchboards and other such things. While some preventive steps can be taken, it is always better to ensure that the electrician has the required spare parts so that the same can be replaced immediately. Water is one of the most damaging aspects as far as electrical equipments are concerned and they could also lead to short circuits and risks of electric shocks. Hence it is important to have the right preventive spare parts like circuit breakers which could also get damaged because of water.

Dust Can Damage Electricity Parts

Though not many people would be aware of it, there are statistical figures to support the fact that dust can cause severe damage to electrical systems, It could damage the electrical cords, circuit breakers, motors, transformers, and various other items too. The problem is that such damages do not happen overnight but happen over a period of time. Hence onus lies on all the stakeholders to identify the damage as early as possible and nip it in the bud before it actually results into a big problem.
Short Circuits Caused By Human Errors

Apart from the above a good electrician should also factor damages to electrical parts that could be caused by various human factors and human errors. For example, accidents to power poles could cause damage to the entire wiring and cabling system which could call for extensive repair and replacements of the pole and also perhaps yards of electrical wire. Further there could over drawing of power from faulty consumer durables which also could lead to problems. Wrong cabling and wiring leading to touching of the negative and positive wires could lead to damage to the entire or part of the wiring.

Faulty Parts

How To Replace The Fault Parts

Now that we have rough idea about the various causes of electrical breakdowns and power outages, it would not be a bad idea to have a look at the ways in which the faulty parts can be replaced. This is a very tricky job and the challenge lies in identifying and isolating the part/parts which have been damaged. This would call for a clear understanding of the entire circuitry which could quite complicated and only those electricians who have clear knowledge, experience and expertise will be able to do it. There are literally dozens of moving and fixed parts about which electricians should have a good knowledge.

Then there is something known as brown outs. This basically happens when there is a drop in power supply. This leads to the lights becoming dim or it could also lead to nonworking of certain electrical appliances. Hence it is important to find out the reason for such brown outs and repair the parts which are causing it. In most cases it could be because of some problems with the motor and on quite a few occasions it might also require replacement of the piston, piston rings and other such parts.

At the end of the day there is no doubt that there are a number of reasons which could be behind damage of parts that are either outside or inside an electrical transmission unit. Therefore the onus lies in preventing maintenance rather than being reactive about it. It is also about choosing the right service provider who comes with lot of experience and expertise. They also should have the required license and qualification and hiring someone without these statutory requirements would be very risky to say the least.

Hence at the end of the day there are quite few things that must be kept in mind when it comes to identifying, diagnosing, repairing or replacing the various parts that could be behind such power out and power trips. The main difference comes from the quality of the electricians who should be able to identify the problem without too much wastage of time. This is because time wasted could mean further deterioration of the problem.

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