How To Choose The Right Electrical Inspection Company In Singapore?

Electrical Inspection is a vital requirement for any new electrical installation; whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Immediate inspections are basically performed to ensure that the new installation meets the minimum electrical safety requirements. You might not be aware of this but an electrical system has numerous components that must work in harmony in order to efficiently provide your home or business with electricity. Failure to perform an inspection exposes you to a greater risk of electrical shocks, power surges, fires, and other electrical problems. An electrical inspection provides you with digital images and a summary of all the electrical components in your home/business.

For these reasons, finding a reputable electrical inspection company in Singapore is important. You understand that electrical safety is an integral requirement in your home and a small defect in the electrical system can wipe your whole family out. Sadly, hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in Singapore have been brought down by electrical fires, causing many deaths. According to research, most of these accidents are usually due to poor electrical installation and inspections. You definitely don’t want to sail in the same boat. That’s why you need to choose a company that is reputable for its professionalism and quality services.

Electrical Inspection

Let’s go through some of the best tips on how you can choose the right electrical inspection company in Singapore.

1. Only Hire a Licensed and Insured Company

Experts always urge home and business owners to be cautious when hiring electrical inspection companies. Most of these companies do not even have a license to operate in Singapore, let alone an insurance cover. The truth is, unlicensed companies can cost you a lot. You may think that hiring an unlicensed electrical inspection company is harmless, but you might just become the next victim of fraud and shoddy workmanship. Insurance is also every important. You don’t want to be responsible for any injuries incurred while the workers are working in your home or use your own money to replace your damaged property. If the company does not have the two important legal requirements, then you should run and never look back, lest you face the consequences.

2. Check the Qualifications and Experience

For how long has the company been in business? This is a very important question. Electrical inspection involves a thorough check-up of all the major and minor electrical connections and wiring installed in your home. Now, you don’t expect a company whose electrical inspectors do not possess the required qualifications and other certifications. Likewise, you don’t expect a company that has been offering its services for six months or one year to provide quality workmanship.It takes a good number of years of training and experience in order to acquire the necessary skills needed to be an electrical inspector. You can ask to view their certifications and personal affiliations which must have been acquired through nationally recognized organizations.

3. Consider the Type of Equipment Used

Majority of the electrical inspection companies in Singapore only bring a flashlight to the inspection. This ignorance has made a lot of people suffer from the damaged caused by electricity. To avoid this, only select a company that uses newly advanced equipment that use powerful technology to detect electrical faults during an inspection. Although most of these equipment are delicate and costly, a company that is dedicated to providing quality services by use of such technologies is the best to hire.

4. Choose a Company that Exercises Safety during Inspection

Bearing in mind that electricity is very dangerous, safety is essential during the inspections. A good company knows this too well and will not compromise the safety of you family or its employees. Ensure that the company uses the safest methods during inspections and that proper equipment, clothing, and other essential tools are used and meet the required safety standards. The employees must be well-trained to handle the equipment and respond to emergencies quickly. You will be able to relax and have great peace of mind knowing that the electrical inspection is being handled by qualified professionals.

Electrical Inspection Company

5. Choose a Company with Good Communication

Why should you hire a company that doesn’t understand the importance of good client interaction? A company that cannot communicate effectively with its client cannot possibly provide the excellent inspection services. Good communication ensures that you get full updates on the progress of the project. A reputable company should also provide a warm, friendly, and good customer support services. You can always have a great peace of mind knowing that all your questions will be answered at any given time.

6. Choose a Company that will provide a Free Written Quote

A reputable company should be happy to provide you with a free quote so as to enable you manage your budget easily. With a quote, you will get important details such as labor costs, equipment and material cost, fee charges, and many other costs. A quote also ensures that there will be no additional costs throughout the whole project whatsoever.

7. Only Choose a Company that will give you Fast, Reliable, Quality, and Affordable Services

Not all electrical inspection companies in Singapore have the ability to provide fast and quality services at affordable costs. Likewise, not many will be available when emergency strikes. Choosing a company that will be able to give you quality services quickly at an affordable cost 24/7 is important. You can ask for references for confirmation as some are not honest.

8. Warranty is very Important

You must have had a nasty experience after purchasing a certain gadget or equipment only for it to breakdown after a few days. Fortunately, the product had a warranty and you got a replacement almost immediately. That’s how important a warranty is. A warranty gives you the guarantee that in case any problems arise after the completion of an inspection, you will obtain free replacement or repair services without any hassles. Your safety and that of your family members is paramount and therefore, understanding the major requirements of an electrical inspection company is important. Once you select the best from the large number companies, you can sit down and let professionals do the work for you.

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