How to Become a Professional Electrician

Professional electricians in Singapore can be of two types-electrical engineers and electrical technicians. The requirements for getting license for both types of expert electricians are different. One can be a skilled electrician by getting license for any of these positions though the level of their expertise can be different. Brief information regarding getting license for both of these positions is provided here under for your consideration. 


Requirements for the application for an Electrical Engineer

If you want to be a professional electrical engineer then its license will allow you to perform following works:

- Full in-charge and responsibility of designing, installation, maintenance, repairing, inspecting and operation of any electrical project

- Operation of wide range of voltage restrictions including up to 1000 volts, up to 22000 volts, up to 66000 volts or up to 230000 volts according to the needs of particular installations are also controlled by a licensed electrical engineer.

Qualifications to be a licensed electrical engineer

- The applicant should meet the following educational requirements to apply for the license of an electrical engineer

- He should be a registered professional electrical engineering under the act of Professional Engineers 

- He should not have below 2 years post-graduate experience of electrical power engineer to work in an electrical power engineering project in Singapore, relevant to be performed by an electrical engineer.

Fee for application

The fee for the application of getting license for an electrical engineer is $50/- which is non-refundable. You will be provided a user ID and a password, after the approval of your application. It while entitle you to make payment of $80 as the fee for your license. You can make these payments either through eNETS Credit Card or eNETS Debit card.

Requirements for the application for an Electrical Technician

Following electrical works can be handled by an electrical technician after getting a valid license:

- He can install, maintain, repair, inspect, operate and test electrical projects in which the limit of approved load should not be over 500 kVA and operating voltage should not be over 1000 volts.

- He can design and submit drawings and plans of the simple to complex electrical installations in which the approved load should not be more than 150 kVA and limit of operating voltage should not be over 1000 volts. But this limitation will not be applied while handling a circuit of Electric Discharge lighting. 

- He can also handle a switching operation or any other work of this kind under the supervision or as per the instructions of an authorised engineer controlling high voltage switches. 


Qualifications to be an electrical technician

In order to get license to be a professional electrical technician the applicant should meet the following educational requirements:

- He must have passed diploma for technician especially in electrical power engineering from any approved Singaporean polytechnic institute like Ngee Ann Polytechnic or Singapore Polytechnic along with other qualifications required by the authorities. But the Diploma in Electrical Engineering passed from some other institutes will not be considered for granting the license of electrical technician in Singapore. If applicant wants to clarify something in this regard then he can send his queries at to check with EMA.

- He should not have less than 2 years experience of working practically as an authorised electrical technician at a relevant electrical work in Singapore 

Fee for the application 

The candidate will have to deposit $50 as non-refundable application fee. He will be allotted a user ID and a password after the approval of the application. It will allow him to pay fee of $60/- for the license to be an electrical technician in Singapore. These fees can be paid by the candidate through eNETS Credit Card or eNETS debit card.

Services provided by a professional electrician in Singapore 

- An electrical professional can provide a wide range of services all over Singapore. Whether he is an electrical engineer or an electrical technician he specialises in installing and repairing any electrical equipment at different levels according to his calibre. He can also provide obligatory consultation on phone without charging any fee. He can also repair and resolve the electrical problems round the clock at the time of electrical failure or tripping. They usually provide reliable and safe electrical services to their clients by using their expertise. 

- A licensed professional electrician in Singapore specialises in providing general as well as emergency electrical services in residential as well as commercial establishments like:

Residential services
He can repair, balance and install wall fans, ceiling fans and standing fans moving slowly or at an uncontrollable speed or fault in their remote control. He can also install and repair lighting system, power socket, electrical oven, replace bulbs as well as evaluation and repair of any electrical equipment. 

Emergency services
He can provide emergency visit at the site round the clock in case of electric power tripping or failure. He can also resolve the problems at the time of short circuit, circuit breaker and tripping of electrical lighting system.

A professional electrician in Singapore can also provide reliable and guaranteed services for 30 days free of cost on the site including the parts repaired by him. He also guarantees to pay back you money if you are not satisfied with his services. 


Electrical safety services
A licensed and trained professional electrician in Singapore also basic safety services to ensure the safety of your family and home, when he works there, by:

- Carefully reading the instructions printed on the electrical appliances
- Hiring licensed electrical contractors for certain services
- Arranging electrical inspections for you, if you are worried about doing electrical work or repair the electrical system of your home then he can ensure to 

In this way, a licensed professional electrician can resolve the electrical issues, if you are unable to handle them yourself. Sometimes you need skilled electrical professional to handle electrical problems in your home or at business premises when you do not find yourself comfortable to resolve them. Another reason to find an electrical professional is that they have all the equipment required for repairing electrical appliances and circuits. 

So you can serve people by becoming a professional electrician of any level as discussed in this write-up.


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