Power System

Nowadays, people’s lives rely heavily on gadgets. Most depend on the newest and fastest technological devices. But however tech-savvy this generation is now, gadgets still require energy to run. And if you're planning on going on a camping trip or any outdoor activities, and you can't leave your cell phones or laptops or other gadgets behind, then you won't be able to use them at all if their batteries run out, unless of course you pack extra batteries or find a wall outlet out in the woods.

Power System

That is until certain modern and technological advances paved the way for portable solar power. These devices work by harnessing the sun's rays to generate power. They are also very convenient since they can be folded down to fit inside your backpack, ensuring an easy load. Another type of a solar-powered device is the power packs used primarily for purposes of powering up your gadgets.

These are typically preferred by leisurely campers who can't leave their electrical devices behind while seeking enjoyment or relaxation out in the woods. These packs can recharge your cell phones, laptops, and tablets by using energy that came from the sun. Anything you normally charge on wall conduits you can charge using this solar power kit. Portable solar power kits use solar panels to get energy from the sun directly thus enabling them to power your gadgets up. Solar panels are the same mechanism used in producing and supplying electricity. It is a portable supplier of electricity.

Other examples of devices that are solar-driven include pocket calculators, garden lights, and the so-called electrical or power purses, which are capable of recharging small electrical devices. There are also portable solar-powered devices with more than one photovoltaic panels or PV panels. These are more useful for more important power needs. Other notable developments have taken place that involves solar power. There are now solar-powered speedboats, snowmobiles, and even motorcycles.

Power System

Campers and adventure-seekers are not the only ones who can benefit from these solar- powered devices. They can also be used for supplying electricity to a calamity-stricken area. Usually, the devastation caused by a natural disaster often includes electricity. Power will be unavailable for days or weeks after the event, and quick recovery for the residents will prove to be more difficult. But portable solar-powered devices have made it possible to provide enough electricity to aid people in these kinds of situations. It is possibly a good idea to include a compact solar-powered device in your disaster or wilderness survival kit.

Also, solar-powered devices can also generate adequate electricity in powering up a small village. Thus, it has been used extensively to provide electricity for poor, remote areas in Third World countries. There is no doubt that solar power is a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy and a portable solar power device can be more than just an emergency tool that you can bring on a camping trip.

Electric Power System

The Heating System:

Installed in an under floor crawl space is an 80% natural gas furnace that has heated the home since the home was new in 2001. The filter is a common washable and reusable plastic based filter that has been cleaned recently. Most of the heating ducts are in the house between the finished basement and the upstairs. An air conditioner was added in 2003.


The thermostat is on the wall in the upstairs hallway. With 9-foot ceilings, the thermostat is a lot closer to the floor than the ceiling. The thermostat has been programmed to set back at night and during the day. The fan has been set to "ON," so the furnace fan runs 24/7.

Power System

Water Heater:

The 50-gallon water heater sits behind the furnace in unheated space. Natural gas, like the furnace, the water heater is ten years old and has presented no problems. The homeowner says they have more hot water and a noticeably lower gas bill since the kid went off to college. Unfortunately, the educational fees offset the savings in the gas department.

Where Is The Energy Savings?

The furnace could be upgraded to a 95% efficient, modulating, variable speed fan model. However, in this home it would not be cost effective as the payback period would be long. The air conditioner could also be upgraded to a more efficient model but faces the same long payback period. Both the furnace and air conditioner should be upgraded when either demands a service call or the homeowner has a bunch of extra money just sitting around.

The furnace fan needs to be set on automatic. This homeowner had a friend advise them to leave the furnace fan on all the time. In this home, it is a waste of energy. Several of the large double pane windows have lost their seal and allowed monster to invade between the glass panes and cloud the view. When this happens, the windows also lose some of their insulation value. The windowpanes should be replaced. Window film coverings should be installed on the large windows facing to the south. The summer sun heats this house up pretty good. The window film would stop a lot of the solar heat gain and lessen the load on the air conditioner.

Replace the refrigerator. An old side-by-side sits in the kitchen that were there the first refrigerator when they were married. It looks out-of-place in this newer, modern kitchen. All things considered, it is up to you to decide the details of your experience, how exactly you will go about experiencing the full expression of who you are, how you will play, and love and enjoy this life.

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