7 Mistakes To Avoid When Fixing A Power Trip

We bet, all of you must have heard the name of Singapore once in your lifetime. Singapore or the Garden city is a city-state which is a commercial and economic hub. It sits at 3rd spot in foreign exchange center and considered as one of the largest financial hub of the world. Singapore is also the city that never sleeps. You can witness a huge amount of infrastructure within the city where hundreds of skyscrapers are standing tall, reflecting the status of the city. When we talk about such high tech city, it also links the fact that such technological advancements are supported through complex set of supporting systems. Electricity is one such sector which easily tops the list of advancements. Since Singapore is dealing with huge infrastructure, it is bound to suffer from power trips at time. Singapore may be advance in world but it still needs to suffice the requirements of electricity and when it fails to deliver the amount of power, it tends to trip. Power trip is one of the most common problem associated electricity. Since Singapore experiences tropical climate, high humidity and equivalent temperature is observed throughout the year. Power trup at times like these can have very adverse effects on the people of Singapore. Power trips are common in Singapore. It gets frustrating when you are faced with the dilemma of constant power tripping. There are many professional companies and technicians who can deal with the problem of power tripping, however no matter how qualified you are, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before solving the issue.

Power Failure Situation

Let’s take a look at 7 mistakes that needs to be avoided when fixing the power trip. These pointers can be associated to both professionals as well to the people who are trying to fix themselves.

1. Keeping the connected devices ON

· Perhaps one of the most common mistakes people often make when fixing the power trip is by keeping their devices and instrument ON. Usually power trip is associated owing to any faulty lines or excess usage of electricity at specific sites. Due to overuse of the lines, the tripping factor comes into play as the desired power level configured to the specific site increases than the required amount, further causing the burden on the supply. This in turn cuts out the power supply ultimately causing to trip in the supply.

· While fixing the power trip, care must be taken that no devices or appliances associated with the tripped connection should be ON. A fix restores the power at once. If care is not taken, the restored electrical supply can cause the power surge and fry the devices. Hence all the devices must be turned OFF prior to fixing the power trip.

2. Fixing without any safety

· No matter how expert and professional you are, one mistake must be avoided under any circumstances is to fix the problem without wearing a safety gear.

· You may have seen technician working along the high tension lines, wearing a safety gear. Safety gear includes gloves, suits and shoes. These gears are resistant to electric current and can help a lot when fixing the issue.

· Even the professionals wear gears all the time, this will keep them from getting electrocuted.

3. Damaged or Faulty Equipment

· When you are dealing with the electricity, one thing that comes in our mind is the probability of getting electrocuted. Imagine you, getting electrocuted by thousand watts of current. It means instant death.

· Fixing a power trup requires specific set of tools to work on it. Before dealing with the problems, technician tends to find the fault.

· They use sophisticated equipment for diagnosing and fixing the fault. These devices are resistant to electric current. If there happens to be a damaged device, the current might pass on to it and affect you. Hence care must be taken to ensure the proper functioning of the devices associated in fixing the power supply.

Power Failure Situation

4. Improper Grounding (Earthing)

· You may have seen that electrical connection at your home is provided with earthing. Grounding is a measure of safety done on the electrical network.

· Many people try to fix the power trip without grounding the connection. This is one of the most dangerous mistakes to happen in electricity.

· The main purpose of grounding is to provide the safety to the appliances and the users when operating it. It also helps in voltage stabilization and protection from over voltage.

· By properly grounding the connection, it ensures that you do not electrocuted while in the process of fixing the problem.

5. Having Double Power Supply

· Sometimes, you are forced to borrow the power supply from an alternate source when your electric supply happens to trip. This is a great way to resume your work with an uninterrupted supply.

· However while fixing the power supply, people often make mistakes of not turning OFF’ the alternate electric supply. Having two primary source of electrical supply severely affects your devices and can even cause to electrical accident due to instant power surge. So always cut off the other power supply before dealing with the fix.

6. Charging connection lines altogether

· While it is good to have a power supply at once but this can cost you a lot if not done properly. Simultaneous charging may prove to be an easy way to fixing the problem but it is nonetheless equally dangerous.

· In attempting to restore the power lines, care must be taken to charge the connection lines one by one in order to make sure that there is no fault within the internal connection. It also ensures that the connection receives the supply uninterrupted without any consequences.

7. Not using proper electrical wires

· Dealing with the electricity is a hefty business. Each current is passed down the line through wires. While some current requires heavy set of wires to safely passed down the current, others lesser one might suffice in standard wire set.

· Never use the wires which are not meant to withstand more than its capacity. Fixing the power trip using wrong wires can lead to severe electrical fluctuations causing the problem again and again. Hence always use the wires based on the requirements.

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