Why You Should Always Use Licensed Electrician?

A licensed electrician is one that has gone through the complete training to become an electrician and passed all the tests. The person has also the necessary documents to identify him as a qualified electrician and he has obtained license from the relevant authorities that acknowledges him as a true electrician. In Singapore all electricians are supposed to have a license and that is a requirement by the Energy Market Authority. The best thing about hiring these licensed electricians is that they are always sure of what they are doing and therefore the result of their work is always perfect. Their vast experience and good knowledge is a clear indication that they have what it takes to handle any electrical installations and repairs.

Singapore Licensed Electrician

Services offered by a licensed electrician
Listed below are some of the services that a licensed electrician offers.

1. Power failures
2. Installation of TV cables and electrical sockets
3. Servicing of electrical panels
4. Installing water heaters
5. Maintaining fuses and circuit breakers and repairing them if they malfunction
6. Installation of ceiling fans
7.Replacing broken sockets or if you want the sockets relocated they can do it for you effectively.


A genuine electrical technician should have a license from the Energy Market Authority. In order to get the license, you have to pass a test and only the electricians with two years of experience are allowed to take the test. They are expected to know the code of practice for electrical installations, the electrical code like Singapore Standard CP5 1998 and any other updated information about the codes. When an electrician has this license, it shows that he is fully qualified to install, design, plan and maintain electrical systems.

Reasons why you should use licensed electrician
Explained below are the reasons why you should always use licensed electricians:

1. Trust
The best thing about a licensed electrician is that you can trust him and have no worry on the kind of work that he is doing for you. This is because with the license you are sure that he has gone through the required training.

2. Provides quality service
The aim of most licensed electricians is to provide quality services. They make sure that once you call them, they do a very good work hence leaving you and your family happy and comfortable with whatever they have done. They make sure that they handle your property with utmost care and attention so as not to make any damage.

3. Well equipped
The electricians are well equipped and they understand every electrical problem that your property may encounter. If you call them they come ready with all their working equipment therefore doing a good work to you.

4. Safety
Safety comes first in a licensed electrician. He will make sure that he has done his work safely and that he meets the relevant safety standards. This will also reduce the risk of electric shock or fire happening in your homes caused by faulty wiring. This means that you will live comfortably in your house not having to worry about any incidents of shocks happening either to you or the rest of your family members.

Why You Should Always Use Licensed Electrician?

Dangers of using unlicensed electricians

Before hiring unlicensed electrician ask yourself why he doesn’t have the license to act as an electrician. The reason might be it’s because he did not go through the training to be a qualified electrician hence not having the required skills and he doesn’t have any electrical experience. You should keep in mind that an electrical license is earned; you just don’t go and buy or pick it somewhere. Below are the dangers of using unlicensed electricians.

1. Safety
It will not be safe to work with unlicensed electricians, the main reason being that most of them have no experience and the necessary training. He may leave some wires while open or even connect your electrical wires in the wrong way leading to shocks which will eventually result to fire incidents.

2. Insurance
Unlicensed electricians do not have insurance to compensate for their customers just in case something happens. If you hire them and a fire starts in your home due to their mistakes, you will have to bear with your losses alone without any compensation but if u have the licensed electricians and a mistake is done which results to you getting losses, then insurance will compensate what you have lost. With the licensed electrician you will not have to worry about anything.

3. Work done carelessly
If the unlicensed electrician performs his duties carelessly there is no way you can sue him. This is because in Singapore you are supposed to deal with the licensed ones only, so just in case of anything you can report them to the relevant authorities.

Choosing the right electrical technician

Having a license does not necessarily mean that the electrician will deliver his work well, there are also some factors that needs to be considered before hiring a licensed electrical technician. Below are some of the things you should consider before hiring an electrical technician.

1. Get the right electrician for the right job
Different electrical technicians specialize in different jobs so if you want something to get fixed in your home, ask for the electrical technician that has specialized in that kind of work. An example is that if you need remodeling, contact the electrician that specializes in remodelling because he will definitely know the techniques used for the existing wiring system.

2. Recommendations
Choose a technician that you have been recommended with by other people, mostly by contractors. A contractor cannot recommend a bad electrician to you since he has worked with very many different electricians. If you are building a new house no matter how small it is, don’t just go to any electrical technician. Ask from people who have built houses before to help you get the best licensed electrical technician.

Try as much as you can to avoid hiring unlicensed electrician, although sometimes they might be tempting because of their cheap prices. Remember that cheap is expensive in one way or the other so it’s better to go to an expensive electrician and in the end come up with good results.

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