What Does A Commercial Electrician Do?

Electricity is an invaluable resource in various commercial establishments. Commercial electricians are experts who have specialized in providing electrical services in commercial properties such as industrial complexes and factories.

Commercial electricians’ scope of work differs with that of residential electricians to some extent in regard to the amount of power involved as well as the prevailing electrical code and regulations.

Handling electrical projects is very dangerous affair. Besides, commercial electrical projects can be very complicated necessitating that they be handled by someone who is highly qualified.


The following are some of the services offered by commercial electricians:

#Air handling unit servicing

Air handling units are vital in commercial buildings to provide heating, cooling and purification of air. These units need to work optimally so as to provide high-quality air in a commercial establishment for a comfortable and safe working environment. A qualified commercial electrician inspects and changes filters and other components to ensure the system runs efficiently. Regular inspection of the air handling unit helps to avoid costly breakdown and reduce energy consumption.

#Water leak detection and repair

A professional commercial technician is qualified and experienced to detect water leakages. With their advanced equipment, they are able to analyze pipe networks. Besides , they use trace gas techniques to identify a leak within a meter and provide comprehensive professional repair service.

#Installations and upgrades

A professional commercial electrician installs every aspect of security system to enhance the security of commercial buildings. These include alarm systems, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, monitoring systems and control rooms. It’s important that these systems are installed by an expert to ensure the occupants are protected at all times.


Upgrades are necessary in commercial establishments especially in older buildings. Since code standards keep on changing with time, it is necessary to change the electrical setup of a building to ensure its up to the required code standards. A qualified commercial electrician will know what is required and ways to keep the costs low in the upgrading process.

#Diagnosis and repairs

A commercial electrician will conduct regular diagnosis and repair on all faulty electrical systems.


#Protecting appliances and devices

Faulty circuits can damage electronic gear if they are unattended. A commercial electrician ensures the circuits do not deliver the wrong amperage by inspecting the voltmeters regularly.

#System maintenance

Apart from installations, upgrades and repairs, a commercial electrician provides system maintenance. A licensed commercial electrician is well trained to inspect various systems including updates and electrical code standards to keep commercial building safe and protected.


Electricity is a very dangerous resource, and every year many people get serious injuries and others even die from electricity-related injuries. A professional commercial electrician is equipped with the necessary safety equipment to protect them from any risk. Faulty wiring systems in a commercial establishment can be a fire or shocks hazard. Commercial buildings should be safe for the workers and everyone who visits the places. Therefore, hiring a qualified commercial electrician will ensure wiring systems, installations, upgrades and other electricity related services are done with precision to avoid any faults. A licensed electrician knows the safety protocols to follow so that electrical services are not a threat to their own safety and other people’s.

#Long-lasting solutions

An unlicensed electrician will only provide temporary solutions to your electrical problems. Hiring someone who is not qualified can only mean frequent fires, shocks and many safety threats to the occupants of a building. Working with a professional electrician ensures that you do not run into such situations in the future.

#A qualified electrician uses high quality equipment

Electrical equipment is not of the same quality. While some have high quality standards, there are others out there that are of poor quality. An unlicensed electrician will not take into consideration the safety rules and equipment standards in their rush to make quick cash. A professional electrician has access to professional-grade equipment to get the job done quickly and perfectly.

Commercial Electrician

#Quick response and high quality service

A qualified commercial electrician uses professional-grade tools and materials to ensure the job is done flawlessly. Besides, they offer fast service. The electrician will respond promptly whenever their services are required.

#Allows saving money

It will be laughable for anyone to think that they can undertake DIY on electrical projects so as to save money. Not even hiring a less skilled electrician can help you to save money. The problem with hiring an unlicensed electrician to handle electrical jobs is that they are more likely to mess up and you end up spending twice as much hiring a professional commercial electrician to fix the mess. An experienced electrician has connections within the industry and can get the best prices on electrical materials. Besides they will do the job with perfection eliminating the need for hiring someone to fix mistakes. This allows you to save money.

#Peace of mind

A qualified commercial electrician offers a guarantee on their workmanship. In addition, they are insured hence you can have a peace of mind even if something goes wrong in the cause of their duty.

#Professional advice

A commercial technician can give you professional advice on how to avoid frequent electrical problems, how to reduce electricity usage, precautionary measures to avoid accidents including other electricity matters.
A qualified electrician can give you a comprehensive report on the whole project.

An experienced commercial electrician has all it takes to handle all types of commercial electrical projects-simple or complicated, big or small. Regardless of your location in Singapore, hiring a professional electrician will benefit you a lot since the job will be done with absolute precision and care.

Your commercial property has a lot to benefit with a qualified commercial electrician. Hiring a professional commercial electrician will ensure all your specific needs will be handled effectively. The large number of electricians out there these days causes a lot of confusion when selecting the best service provider. As a result, it’s worth it to consider your specific needs and the potential of a particular service provider providing the best results. Look at the qualifications, reputation, experience and variety of services a commercial electrician offers before making a decision. Working with a professional commercial electrician will help you to save money.

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