Electricity Safety Tips And Choosing The Best Electrician

Electrical services such as installation and repair done at home or on business premises should be handled with utmost care to ensure no threat to life, or no recurrence of faultiness, enabling your programs can run as smoothly as possible. However, many people do not know that it is the little things that make all the difference. From the moment you make your hiring decision you should know that the outcome of that contract can either make or break your business or home. Therefore, ensure that your decisions are always guided by reason if you want the best results for your electrical project. Also, it is important to keep your home and business safe from any electrical shocks. Below are ways to do so.

Electricity Safety Tips

Keeping Your Home and Business Safe from Electrical Shocks

Electricity is among the leading causes of accidental fire outbreaks globally. Every electrical appliance, no matter how well it is functioning, is prone to break down someday and require the services of an electrician. This is why installation, testing and repair should be done by a qualified and competent technician. Below are ways to keep your home or office safe from electrical shocks.

Keep your kitchen safe by following these kitchen safety tips. Note that more than half of all electric fires are started in the kitchen
Kitchen Safety Tips

1. To begin with, never leave any working electrical appliance unattended.
2. Have circuit breakers, electrical fuses, electrical cables and electrical enclosure inspected by a competent technician.
3. Remove all combustible items from the kitchen, particularly the cooking area.
4. Unplug any electrical appliance while not in use.
5. Avoid using electrical appliances in their wet condition.
6. Vacuum refrigerator coils every quarterly.
7. Avoid repairing appliance while still plugged in.
8. Clean up any build up of grease from ovens and grills on a regular basis to avoid causing fire.
9. All cords or power supply cables should be kept away from hot and water surfaces.
10. Have a smoke detector installed to ensure complete protection.
However, note that the list is not exhaustive, but these tips can help you keep your kitchen safe from unnecessary or unwanted fire outbreaks.

Bathroom Safety Tips

Although the kitchen might seem like the only most dangerous place most susceptible to fire outbreaks, it is not the only place; the bathroom is also a hazardous area because it contains water, a very good conductor of electricity. When electric shocks do occur in the bathroom, the consequences are far much more fatal here than in any other part of the house.

Electricity Safety Tips

Ensure that:

- All bathroom switches and sockets are placed at a safe distance from water
- All installations are undertaken by qualified and competent professionals
- Light fittings are enclosed
- All installations properly comply with relevant regulations
- Hair-dryers are only used outside the bathroom
Below is what to look for in an electrician before you decide whether or not you can bring them on board to work on your next electrical project.

Comprehensive Services

Disintegrated services can be expensive. It is also stressful to have one electrician for installing appliances, another for repairing damaged or malfunctioning wiring systems, and another for general maintenance of electrical systems. Not only do they come with their own quotes, but it can also be stressful keeping track of all these technicians, who also have different methodologies of performing their duties. Therefore, it is advisable to always look for a technician with comprehensive electrical services to handle all of your electrical needs: from domestic to commercial and industrial. A team of competent electrical technicians will do anything from inspection and installation to repair and maintenance. They can also troubleshoot to determine the problems with your electrical wiring and provide long-lasting solutions even to the most difficult electrical problems. What’s more is that this team will provide exceptional services that are backed by guarantees. Should you be dissatisfied with the work done then you can have the team redo it or opt for a full refund.

Electricity Safety Tips

Honesty and Reliability

While this might seem too small of a factor to consider, honesty and reliability can make all the difference. In a continuously industrialized world, customers are becoming more and more sophisticated. They want companies and services they can trust and rely upon to deliver quality and within the stipulated time. However, not all companies or services are punctual, or can deliver quality consistently. Therefore, it is important for business and home owners to carry out their due diligence before hiring an electrical services company to come and so that installation, repair or maintenance for them. For instance, if you are carrying out safety inspections to ensure you comply with government regulations, you need someone who can ensure your lighting design and fixture installations meet the standards set by Singaporean authorities. Another reason to trust an honest service is that they do careful screening or perform a thorough background check on all the members of their teams.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

While there is a bunch of electrical technicians all over Singapore, all claiming to be the best at what they do, not all of them are committed to customer satisfaction; some just want to take your money and run. However, there are also several other good electrical services who are more than committed to delivering top-notch customer service. They do this through satisfaction guarantees, accurate estimates, same-day service, and more. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to select your next electrical technicians, because remember that you are also looking for a long-term relationship so that you can always depend on a single service provider to meet all of your electrical needs.


Always take your time before hiring an electrical technician because it will be worth you while. Sloppy wiring or unprofessional services can have a negative impact on your business. However, all these inconveniences can be avoided by avoiding sloppy technicians, or by hiring professionals who are great at what they do. Electrical installations and repair can turn tragic if the job is done by people who are not really sure of what they are doing, and this can cause business and homeowners a lot of money in repairs, maintenance and re-installations later on. Ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are safe places by observing the key safety tips.

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