Electrician's Guide On What To Do When There Is A Blackout

Power blackout or outage can frustrate or inconvenient you whether you live alone or with your partner or spouse and children. Several things can happen when there is a power blackout and especially if it takes longer such as spoiling your foodstuff in the refrigerator. The house can either heat up or get colder depending on the weather when the A/C in your home shut off.

Blackout Guide

Many people might find it challenging and confusing especially if they do not know what to do when there is a blackout. Below is an easy guide of the various things you can do when your power goes off:

· Use Flashlights instead of Candles:

Even though candles often look nice or romantic to most couples, avoid using them as your main source of light and instead use the flashlights. Candles are risky because you will have to light several of them to get enough lighting. However, you can light few candles in places that you are sure it’s safe if it’s the only way to add brightness. But if you light one or two of the candles, remember to put them off when the power comes back or when you retire to bed. It is always advisable to have flashlights in strategic multiple spots in your home and use them when there is a power outage.

· Turn off or Unplug any Electronic Appliance or Machine that was on Before the Blackout:

if you experience a power blackout in your home, turn off or unplug any electronics that was on. This is an appropriate measure to avoid any damages to your electronics when the power comes back and perhaps cause a surge. It can also interfere with your programming of some sort as well such as other alarm systems or programmed door openers in the garage. Switch off everything in case of the power blackout. It is also wise to leave at least one light on to enable you to know when the power comes back.

· Check your Breaker Switch System to see if it has Flipped:

In some instances, power blackout can happen when the breaker switch flips off. If power goes off, check your electrical panel and find out if it’s in order. If this is the case, flip it back on and check if the power is back. If there is still no power, check your neighborhood (it’s easy to observe at night) and see if the blackout is confined to your home alone or not. If it’s your home that is only affected, contact your electric company. If the power outage affects your entire neighborhood, you can always check online or check with one of your friendly neighbors to find out the reason.

Blackout Guide

· Ensure that the doors in your Fridge or Freezer are Closed:

You should ensure that your fridge’s or freezer’s doors are closed immediately after the power outage. You will avoid throwing away your perishables by keeping your food cold and fresh if you remember to close these doors. When the power goes off, a fridge can remain effective for 4 more hours. The freezer will perform its duty for 24 to 48 more hours depending on how filled it is and the more its full, the more effective it remains.

· When the Power Line is Down close to your Home, Avoid Approaching it:
This can be very dangerous, and the most appropriate thing to do is to call the non-emergency number of your local police. A non-emergency hotline will ensure that your call will connect fast and make the authorities to attend to your plea to more quickly.

· Check with the Local Authorities to Ensure the Water is Still Safe:
During the power blackout, the water filtration systems can be affected. It is even more serious if the blackout is prolonged even if there are reserves and backup systems. Check with the local authorities to ensure the water is still safe for consumption. If it’s not safe or this information is delayed, boil the water using your stovetop, camping stove or gas or simply use your bottled water.

· Check or Hangout with your Neighbors especially if it’s Daytime:
It is difficult to tell if the power blackout has affected your home alone or the entire neighborhood during the day. The easier way to tell is by walking down the street and asking one of your neighbors if his/her home is affected. In most cases, you will almost certainly meet with one or more of your neighbors looking for the same thing.

· Avoid Travelling by Car at Night if it’s not Necessary:
When the entire neighborhood experiences the power blackout especially at night, it can also switch off the spotlights. The traffic can become congested and even more hazardous, and it’s only safer to avoid driving or traveling by car.

Blackout Guide

The above knowledge is very helpful if you have no idea what to do when there is a blackout in your home. Most of the times, these guidelines can provide an immediate solution or avoid any losses that you might experience as a result of the power outage. Power blackouts can be experienced by anybody at any place or time. Below are some of the things that one can have
to avoid extreme inconveniences:

· Flashlights and batteries:
It is always good to have flashlights and batteries in your
home to use when the power goes off.

· Non-Perishable Foods: You can stock some perishable foods to use, and they can help a lot
if the blackout is prolonged.

· Bottled Water: it is always good to have bottled water in your home because the
power outage can affect your local water purification system.

· Battery-powered Radio:
It’s good to have this type of radio to get consistent information
even with the power blackout. You can also use this radio when you are away
from home or when you are camping.

A power outage can cause damages or inconvenience and by knowing what to do when there is a blackout can minimize the loss or make you less comfortable when the outage occurs. You can contact a professional and experienced local electrician if you are not getting quick solutions. Also, call the electrician if you live on an expansive ranch or estate and it’s not easy to know if your neighbors are affected. Avoid by any means necessary to try and fix the electrical connections by yourself if you are not an
electrician because in some instances it can be fatal or cause more serious damages.

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