Common Power Failure And Tripping Problems Reasons

The invention of electricity is not older than two centuries and most of the people in the world got access to it in last 30 years. But in present time, people can’t think about their life without electricity. That means if a people notice some power failure in their house, then they just get frustrated and they wonder what to do. Mostly people get annoyed with power failure because they do not know the reasons for same and that is why they fail to get a solution of that problem as well.


Voltage fluctuation:

If you have any kind of voltage fluctuation in your home or office, then you can have tripping problem in your house and you can have power failure as well. If you are having this problem in your entire house due to power fluctuation, then you will have to get the solution from the power supplying company. If you have this problem for any one particular appliance, then you can use voltage stabilizer for that device or appliance and you can have a solution for this issue.

Fault in power line:

If you have any kind of fault on your power line, then you will have MCB tripping problems in your house. Also, you will have issues of power failure as well in your house. If we talk about the reasons for this issue and solution of this problem, then you need to get in touch with an electrician for that. That electrician can check the cause of this problem and he will also be able to help you get rid of the situation that causes the fault in the power line.

Tripping Problem

Fault in an electrical appliance:

Faulty electrical appliance can always be a big reason of MCB tripping in your house. If you notice any particular MCB is tripping on a regular manner, then you should check the appliances connected with that MCB. On one MCB connection, you may have more than one electrical appliances and you need to manually check each appliance or instrument to identify the culprit. That means you can remove appliances one by one and then you can check if it is still tripping. This way, you can easily identify the faulty appliance and you can get it repaired to deal with the power failure problem.

Wrong connection:

Wrong connections in your electrical cables can also cause the power failure in your house. Also, it can cause the tripping issues in your house and you might not be able to identify that easily. If you made some connection in your house electricity connection and you started having a problem in your house, then you should undo the changes. IF that is not the case and you feel you are having MCB tripping problems due wrong connections, then you should take the help of an expert for that. An electrician can easily check the root cause and he can do correction as well for this.

The extra load on line:

If you have extra load on any particular MCB, then you cant stop it from tripping. Each MCB comes with a specific load capability and if you will put more load on it, then it will definitely trip. In this situation, it is advised that you try to reduce the load on that particular MCB by shifting the appliances on other connections. This shifting of the load will be the easiest and safest method to deal with this problem. Another solution is you increase the MCB size, but that is not a safe way of doing it because it will put extra load on your wires and it will get heated which is not safe for your house. So reducing the load on your mcb and line would be the best thing to deal with this situation.

Power Failure

Faulty MCB:

Faulty MCB can be another big reason for power failure in your house. If you have a main power MCB in faulty condition, then it will keep tripping without any warning or reason and you will face a continuous problem with it. To identify the fault in your MCB, you can check the frequency of tripping and reasons. If you are having a power failure in your house without any reason due to mcb tripping and you are having it very frequently, then you can consider your MCB is faulty and you should get it replaced quickly. When you do this replacement, then you should not do that by yourself because it is not safe at all. You should hire an electrician that has a license to do this work in Singapore and he should also have experience for same.

Short circuit:

Sometimes short circuit could be the main cause of power failure in your house. You don’t need to be an expert to identify if you get a power failure due to the short circuit in your house. AS far as reasons of this short circuit are concerned, it may vary depending on the situation. If you just connected some device and you got power failure then you can consider that appliance as the root cause of this problem. Sometimes you may not know the reason because things get damaged over a period of time and some minor things trigger the short circuit. In the latter situation, you should not take any chances and you should hire a trained and license electrician in Singapore without any delay. That electrician would be able to identify the cause of short circuit and you will be able to get a solution as well from him.

In addition to all these things power failure form main supply can also be a reason for this issue. Although you would not have this kind of issue in Singapore from the power supply company, but no one can control the nature and other factors. That is why sometimes short circuit, nature, heavy rain or other issues can cause power tripping issue. If you notice power failure in your entire area, then call your electricity providing company would be a good idea instead of getting frustration. On call, they can help you understand the possible time frame when you will have power restored in your house from their side.

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