7 Ways To Handle Power Tripping Situation

Nowadays, it is impossible to live without power. Indeed, power is everything; it is the backbone of every industry, it is great for lighting households, schools, offices, institutions, business premises, and many more-the list is just endless. As a matter of fact, over 80 percent of people in Singapore rely on electricity to power their homes and other electrical appliances. As usual, you are required to pay for the power. In most cases, the bill could be quite high due to excessive consumption of electrical energy by high powered electrical devices and/or appliances. Therefore, there is a need to consider using appliances that do not drain more power. However, there are some home or appliances which are of great benefit in our daily life, although their power ratings is extremely high. In this case, you need to minimize its power usage as well as safeguard it from electrical damage. Indeed, there are several ways of protecting electrical devices from power faults, and one of them is of course installing circuit breakers.


A circuit breaker is a power device that is used to provide ultimate protection mechanism for all electrical appliances. It does that by tripping in case excessive power is drained from electrical mains. Tripping is an electrical term that refers to a case when power is cut off automatically due to excessive consumption of electricity by some of the electrical appliance's. In addition, tripping is a great safety and protective measure that isolates important electrical devices whenever faults occurs in an electrical line. As such, if there is excessive voltage or current across the lines, the appliances connected into it are never destroyed. But, what cause tripping in power systems and how to handle such situations?

Before unveiling ways on how to handle power tripping situation, it is ideal for people to know some of the main causes of tripping. As a matter of fact, there are two common causes of power tripping situations:

· Circuit overload

One of the major reasons as to why power tripping occurs is because of circuit overload. If you are running too many power consuming electrical devices at the same time draining power from the same source, there are high chances that the circuit breaker will trip; basically to prevent overheating.

· Short circuit

This is another cause of power tripping situation which is probably more dangerous than circuit overload. Indeed, short circuiting happens when a live wire get connected to a neutral wire, possibly because the insulating material is tampered or uncovered. When these two different wires touch each other, a large amount of current starts to flow, which creates more heat that cannot be handled by the circuit. As this happens, there is a possibility of electrical explosion that can cause damage to electrical devices and appliances. Needless to say, power tripping can occur as a result of any of the above reasons. Well, what are you supposed to do when such an incident happens on your electrical mains? How can you handle power tripping situations?


If the above has been you concern, the worry no more as the ultimate solutions is right herein. Without further ado, the following are top 7 ways to handle power tripping situations:

#1. Reduce the amount of load connected in AC mains

As stated in the previous section, one of the major reason as to why we often encounter power tripping cases is due to excessive load, hence overheating. The circuit breaker will disconnect the energy supply to the appliances, and tripping occurs. Therefore, the best idea to handle this case is by reducing the amount of the load connected to the power source. For instance, if you had about five appliances connected before tripping, then you are advised to reduce to about two or three and swift off the rest.

#2. Consult a trusted electrician to recheck your house wiring

If you are sure the power ratings of your load (electrical appliances) is optimum, and that overload did not cause the tripping. Probably, the tripping has been caused by short circuitry. In this case, you are in danger of more electrical faults if you continue to power your appliances with the same supply. You are required to switch off directly from the consumer unit and get an electrician to recheck the wiring and replace the tampered wires.

#3. Unplug all the connected devices

Nowadays, many people are using smart circuit breakers. These devices are smart in the sense that it automatically switch on the power once the issue causing tripping is no more. However, there are some cases when the return-current is in excess, such that it can cause to small appliance's which uses small current. Therefore, as power tripping occurs, you are advised to unplug all the connected devices.

#4. Re-check the size of your circuit breakers and fuses

In some cases, power trips because you have chosen to use a circuit breaker with a low rating fuse as compared to the specifications of your devices. Therefore, if you need to avoid multiple tripping, consider re-adjusting the sizes of breakers and fuses you are using.

Power Tripping

#5. Check your appliances

It has been noted that circuit breakers trip because one of the appliances is drawing excessive current due to an internal defect or malfunction. In this case, as soon as tripping occurs, you are advised to consider disconnecting the appliance causing it and evaluate to isolate the fault or problem. Thereafter, you can replace or repair the device in question before plugging it back.

#6. Unplug devices when not in use

It has established frequent power tripping is associated with plugged devices which are not in use. Therefore, once you notice first power tripping, then consider switching off or unplugging all devices not in active use.

#7. Organize for regular electrical inspection

It is required that prompt check-up and electrical inspection be carried out in your premise. Therefore, as soon as you notice such power tripping, then console your electrician as soon as possible. However, not all electrical technicians have the necessary skills and expertise to do that. You are advised to consider seeking this service from


From the aforementioned, power tripping is vital for safeguarding and protecting your electrical devices from power failures and damages. However, you are advised to follow the above tips to the latter as soon as you realize power tripping.

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