14 Traits Of A Professional Electrician

Are looking to hire a professional electrician in Singapore? Well, selecting one is not as simple as flipping your directory, running your fingers on the pages and choosing one with the most appealing name. In actual fact, doing that can land you into serious trouble. You will not only end up hiring someone incompetent, but you will also be putting you and your loved ones at risk. As you know, electrical jobs can be very dangerous; therefore it is always important to deal with professionals.


So, how do you hire a professional electrician?

In this brief article, I will bring you up to speed with 14 traits of a professional electrician to look out for when hiring an electrician

Trait #1. Should be certified and fully licensed

This is a definitely the most important trait to look out for. Always hire electricians who is licensed and certified by accredited institutions in Singapore. If they belong in specific companies, make sure the companies is trustworthy, licensed and provide its employees with adequate training in their fields.

Trait #2. Experience and training

A good trait of a professional electrician is his or her amount of experience. Professional electricians will always have a good amount of experience under their belt. Make sure the electrician you hire has enough experience in handling your electrical problem. In addition, they should be in a position to navigate through the electrical problems and offer solutions in the easiest, safest and shortest time possible. Remember, it’s your HBD or office space that is at stake here.

Trait #3. Service warranty

A professional electrician should never shy away from offering warranty for his services for an agreed period of time. This shows the level of confidence he has in his job and his professionalism.

Trait #4. Availability

This is one of the important traits to look out for but is often overlooked. A great quality of a professional electrician is his ability to avail him/herself during an emergency. He or she should offer you a 24hr contact number where you can reach he or her any day and anytime there is an electrical fault. In addition, he or she should have a fast response time after receiving the call.

Trait #5. Dependability

This is another important trait that each professional electrician should have up his sleeve. If offered a job, he should be relied on to do the job right and get it done within the agreed time.


Trait #6. He stays up to date with the latest technology

Another great trait of a professional electrician is that he is aware of the current technological strides made in this field. He should be in a position to use this technology and devices to the client’s advantage to cut down on cost, make work easier and offer quality service.

Trait #7. Has great reputation

Professional electricians have spent a good amount of their time building good reputation by offering quality services. And, they will have glowing recommendations which are proven track records of their high quality work. If the electricians are from certain companies, have a look at the reviews on the companies’ websites. Reputable companies will always have good reviews. You can also get referrals of reputable electricians from friends, trusted colleagues or relatives who have high standards in everything; it is more likely that the electricians will be professionals.

Trait #8. Honesty

A professional electrician will openly explain what needs to be done, and give you a fair price that reflects the amount of work and effort he will to use to get the job done. A professional electrician should also take time to explain some of the problems he or she might be facing while repairing the problems, and also explain what he or she needs to do to rectify the problems. In addition, if the electrician identifies another problem in your home, he or she should be willing to explain the problem and why it needs to fix it. He or she should also offer a solution to the problem.

Trait #9. Safety and precautions– personal safety and client’s safety

The electrician’s personal safety as well as the client’s safety should always top his or her priorities. The electrician should put safety protocols in his or her work station before he or she starts working. In addition, he or she should be trained properly on how to deal with dangerous circumstances in the most effective way, protecting himself, the client and the client’s property.

Trait #10. Price estimate

A reliable and professional electrician is the one who is able to offer you the best quote for your entire project. He should also give you the price ceiling for the entire project and break down the total cost capturing each and every detail. If he is not too sure about his estimate, he will ask for more time to come up with the best estimate.

Professional Electrician

Trait #11. Pays attention to details

As we have seen, electrical jobs are very delicate and can lead to serious injuries, even death. Therefore, professional electricians should be very keen and pay close attention to dealt and avoid sloppy jobs. In addition, his or her repairs should always appear new, not a messy.

Trait #12. Practical thinker

As electrical jobs are filled with a lot of variables in its environment, the electrician should be a practical thinker. The electrician should be able to work independently and also as a team if need be.

Trait #13. Free quote

A professional electrician should provide great services at affordable services. He should be ready to offer you the best quote for free, allowing you to manage your budget easily. The quote should highlight important details such as the labor costs, electrician’s cost, supply fees and any other additional fees.

Trait # 14. Patience and Self-Control

Every site is filled with people having different personality. Let us face it; there are some people who are extremely difficult to work with. A professional electrician should be able to keep cool, stay calm, communicate effectively and keep his or her mind on the job.

Well, those are the most important traits that every professional electrician should posses. By looking at these traits, you will be in a better position to hire a reliable and professional electrician in Singapore.

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